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Content Advisories by Brooke M. Haney, Intimacy Consultant

Ragercize Square.jpg

This performance has elements of audience interaction and improvisation such that we cannot note everything that may come up. However, we have done our best to give you a framework to understand the kinds of things that may arise in the show. 

You will be asked to remove your shoes.

Most audience members will stand for the show, but there will be folding chairs available. The level of physical activity is moderate, and you can always take a break.

The experience known as Ragercize will last for approximately 45 minutes.


Sensory Notes -> 

(Misophonia) There will be loud music. 

(Food) Tomatoes will be present in the space, eaten, handled, and destroyed. This production is not suitable for audience members with severe tomato allergies.


Content Notes ->

Mentions of current events in the news, prison, school shooting statistics, children in cells, parental loss.


The play will contain discussion of non-consent -> sexual assault statistics will be mentioned, non-consensual touch will be described -> stroking of a leg, cheek, etc

-> self blame and victim blaming will be mentioned

If you have questions, email

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