The Rally Cat is an energized, multidisciplinary performing arts organization dedicated to inspiring and empowering artists and communities through opera, theatre, and musical theatre.

Founded in 2017 by theatre artist and educator Marella Martin Koch, The Rally Cat facilitates creative educational opportunities for students of all ages and generates high-quality performances of new and classic work.


We recognize that the performing arts have long been plagued and limited by systemic inequality. The Rally Cat honors the truth that collaboration builds community and great stories change the world. We strive to empower everyone to access their inner voice and tell their story. We prioritize affordable programming, clear and respectful boundaries, and the simple rule that if tickets are sold, the artists are paid.

Access to art-making is often tempered by under-representation in creative leadership positions. Across the country, opera companies are struggling to balance their budgets and attract and maintain audiences. 


Opera needs to be surprised, shaken up, and inspired into the future. Opera needs an unexpected mascot. Opera needs a rally cat. 

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